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How to Monetize a Website: BannerAds, Affiliate Marketing, Subscriptions…

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Affiliate Marketing Programs
Content Subscriptions
Product Sales

So you have a GREAT WEBSITE, tons of visitors, are you making any money?
How do you plan to monetize your website? Let’s us give you some ideas.

With so much information being provided for free on the internet, the competition to attract and keep website visitors is extremely challenging.

How to Replace an Old Website with a Responsive WordPress Theme

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Here is the very simple approach:

Don’t overwrite the site at all, instead do this…
Find out who their web hosting provider is and login into their Control Panel for the Web Server
Find out if their level of hosting package is compatible with and comes with Application Server Support on a Linux OS (not MS Windows) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal (IF NOT YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE THEM…

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