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LGBT Small Business Entrepreneurship

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Impressive Impact, LLC is dedicated to helping the LGBT Community leverage current and emerging internet technologies to market their businesses online and ensure ongoing business success. We employ state-of-the-art domain registration and web hosting services bundled with our highly trained and experienced web & graphic designers that specialize in internet marketing and social media…

So You Want to Build a Website: The Least You Should Know

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So you want to build a website. Where do you begin and what is the least you should know?
To answer these questions we first have to consider the scope and objective of the project being proposed. Website development technicalities can range from very simple to very complex.  Once you have a clear understanding of your website’s objective then you need to consider what are the ‘must have’…

Finding & Selecting the Right Stock Media Resources for You

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As a graphic or web designer, it is important to have royalty free stock media to use in your design projects without having to be concerned about copyright infringement. This article highlights strategies for finding and selecting stock media resources, licensing and usage rights to be aware of, and types of payment plans often encountered. It is important to do some basic research when finding…

How to Replace an Old Website with a Responsive WordPress Theme

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Here is the very simple approach:

Don’t overwrite the site at all, instead do this…
Find out who their web hosting provider is and login into their Control Panel for the Web Server
Find out if their level of hosting package is compatible with and comes with Application Server Support on a Linux OS (not MS Windows) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal (IF NOT YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE THEM…

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