About Us

We are a team of talented, highly trained professionals in website, graphic design, and online marketing technologies.

Impressive Impact came into existence in year 2005 while its founder ran into an acquaintance at a nightclub who happened to mention a need for a website. While working on that project, another opportunity materialized in the same way. Tony realized that destiny had him inadvertently become self-employed, so he seized the opportunity to take a step of faith and build his own business. He built a foundation for a business, one client at a time, by applying the exact same skills and talents that achieved success when he managed a design team in corporate america.

At first, Impressive Impact’s services included web design, graphic design, and corporate identity packages. However, after developing a dependable reputation and working relationship with our clients, many of them sought us for our expertise in finding solutions to their other business needs such as web hosting and eCommerce. Soon we realized that most small business owners had many unanswered questions about internet technologies. Many of our clients needed professional consulting in order to successfully market their business as well as alleviate the frustration associated with finding reliable resources and managing relationships with multiple vendors.

Impressive Impact studios evolved into a business that not only creates world class digital media and graphic design projects, we also provide the resources our clients need to support their websites, print marketing materials, and deliver online advertising campaigns.

Tony Traveis, MFA

Motion Graphics Specialist

When his head is in the clouds… it’s a good thing! Tony brings a creative force from the beyond. Not only does he have expert design skills, he takes it to the next level making first time visitors in awe of what they see lending credibility to the overall marketing message.

Favorite quote: ‘God’s throwin’ a PARTY… And I’m goin’!’ by Joyce Meyer

Simon Lewis, MFA

Chief Technology Specialist

Honey! If it lives in the realm of coding in internet technologies…
he can fix it! A mastermind of web development, computer programming and scripting languages, Simon ‘brings it’!

Basically, he just has to look at computer and it knows to straighten up and fly right lest he begin typing!


Natalie Bingham, MFA

Advertising Design Executive

Girl has it down when it comes to eye catching ads that engage your target audience. She’ll get people to visit your website from magazines, flyers, and billboard ads. Did someone say guerrilla marketing?!

Natalie understands the way your target market thinks and can phrase the message and showcase it so it works!

Alexandria Fotodoon, MFA

Art Director

Who’s got tha look?! Alex takes your artistic ideas and brings them to life the way you envisioned it. Her expert training in graphic design yields amazing results in producing illustrations that match the scope and direction of the project’s purpose.

Gloria Swanson, MFA

Web Designer Extraordinaire

She’s the best. And No! You can’t have her unless you ask us to build your website. In all of our web design classes as MFA students, she totally blew the grading curve. None could compete so we all just did our best and learned from her outstanding creations! Seriously!


Jose Ortega, MFA

Useability & User Experience

How many ‘clicks’ does it take to find what’s on your website? Is it intuitive or confusing? Jose works with the web designers to build appropriate workflows between interface graphics and content. Eye Tracking and Calls-to-Action aren’t just buzz-words to him.