LGBT Small Business Entrepreneurship

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Impressive Impact, LLC is dedicated to helping the LGBT Community leverage current and emerging internet technologies to market their businesses online and ensure ongoing business success. We employ state-of-the-art domain registration and web hosting services bundled with our highly trained and experienced web & graphic designers that specialize in internet marketing and social media campaigns. In addition to our internet technology offerings and services, our clients and customers benefit from our consulting expertise via our website’s free resource articles.

If you are interested in marketing to the LGBT Community online or an owner of an LGBT small business that needs to either start or augment and maintain a website marketing presence, then look no further. One of the major ingredients to any successful business endeavor is having high quality products and/or services and having solid research incorporated into a business plan. Impressive Impact Domains not only provides domain registration and website hosting, we tailor our products, services, and content towards the business and social needs of the LGBT Community.

Here are some basic foundation items to consider when building and promoting a website:

  • time frame and cost of development of the proposed website
  • estimated reaccurring monthly/yearly cost of ownership
  • website hosting
  • domain registration renewals
  • email marketing campaigns
  • content management system
  • webmaster to handle system updates and update content if it is beyond your scope of knowledge

Here are some basic foundation items to consider as a LGBT small business entrepreneur:

  • have a business plan
  • have a lawyer look over all your important paperwork and documents before submitting them
  • have a Certified Public Account handle all your Federal Income Taxes
  • have an marketing plan and budget for it.
  • Advertise where the eyes of your target market are looking, such as: Google AdSense/AdWords/Pay-per-Click
  • YouTube banner ads
  • Facebook Marketing and ‘Like Ads’
  • place banner ads on website that your target market frequently visits
  • place recurring ads in local periodicals such as HotSpots magazine, New Times, SGN, etc.
  • place recurring ads in national trade journals specific to your business’ industry

Get familiar with time management and how to prioritize yorur inbox both email, home, and office. Impressive Impact highly recommends: – for managing all types of tid-bits of information like Tax ID Numbers, Car Registration Info, your Account Numbers to important vendors, like us – dot429, a kind ofLinkedIn for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their allies (429 spells “gay” on a telephone keypad).

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