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Impressive Impact Digital Media and Graphic Design Studios focuses on the the online marketing needs of the Gay & Lesbian Community Nationwide. We started as a small freelance web design company. Our happy clients turned to us first when they had additional needs in promoting and maintaining their businesses. Thus, we expanded our services to include the most common items requested and required in conjunction with having a successful website such as Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce Online Shopping Carts, and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Our small business clients needed a simple, affordable introduction to beginning an online business presence where they could manage most of their own online content updates while having us on stand-by for larger initiatives like installing eCommerce features and Social Media Campaigns.

Impressive Impact has a unique ability to help the small business owner build and maintain a state-of-the-art website with a low cost of ownership that is easy to update without consulting the webmaster. We reduce the stress of employing an online business presence by bundling the most common services under one roof. Say goodbye to having to manage business relationships with multiple vendors. We can make your business look as big and professional as a major corporation at a fraction of the cost.

  • Web Design

Our website design services include the right blend of the technical and creative. We employ the latest in web technologies and graphic design techniques. Our expert staff is highly skilled at combining  all the elements necessary to produce a professional online experience that will rival your competitors.

Moreover, we heard our client’s requests to be able to reduce the hidden costs of website ownership. We implemented a Content Management System that has eliminated most of the fees our clients were experiencing from requiring a webmaster to update their content. Save that money – use it for marketing!

  • state of the art web design at affordable prices
  • optimized for search engine compatibility
  • developed with scalability for future growth and expandability

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  • Graphic Design

Our graphic design services feature world class concepts for visual communications. We employ many artistic disciplines in our projects which showcase art direction, theming, color schemes, page layout, and much more.

Our professional designers are experts at developing a look and giving a voice to your ideas. We become an extention of your artistic vision and colaborate with you to produce a finished compostition that expresses what you want to say.

  • professional renderings of all design work for compatibility with any medium
  • detailed graphic standards manual available for each project
  • assistance with copywriting and trademarking finished materials

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  • Domain Registration & Website Hosting

Impressive Impact augmented it’s business services to include Domain Registration and Website Hosting as a means of creating a one-stop-shop for our client’s needs in marketing their business online. It has become so much easier for them and for us to manage all the pieces under one roof. Simple billing and one place to call if something needs attention concerning the website.

  • one-stop-shop for designing, publishing & maintaining your website
  • 99% website up-time guarantee with 24hr/7 days a week technical support at no additional cost
  • built for scalability as your business grows

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  • corporate identity & branding

Our corporate identity packages service helps businesses create a unique identity that enables you to brand your corporate culture throughout all collaterals and marketing materials. A custom logo with matching letterhead is only the tip of the iceberg, include a website, brochure, newsletter, and deluxe slideshow presentation for a comprehensive and coordinated package.

  • seamless design theme throughout all pieces of mixed media
  • ability to incorporate existing logo and marketing speak into new campaigns
  • printing options available for your convenience

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  • Motion Graphics, Audio & Video

Get ready for amazing success in your advertising campaign by incorporating engaging motion graphics as part of  your mixed media arsenal. Stunning visuals attract your target market’s attention long enough for them to receive your advertising message on your product or service.

Remember, less is more! Don’t bore your target market with ‘extraneous mass’ in content! We’ll show you how to keep it ‘short & sweet!’

  • 3-Dimensional, immersive, movie trailer style video intro/outros
  • short & sweet, we edit the video footage down yet make it sizzle with interest
  • custom made graphics and royalty free audio compositions

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  • On-Screen Presentations

Our deluxe presentation services are world class. The Impressive Impact design studios specialize in digital media and motion graphics.  Combined with our knack for interface design, we are capable of developing outstanding, engaging interactive presentations that captivate your audience and provide credibility to the presenter.

Our staff includes an individual that managed the Visual Communications Department of major law firm  in-charge of producing winning PowerPoint Presentations that rival that of Dateline NBC.

  • menu driven interface to allow for non-linear presentations
  • flexible design for end-user edit-ability
  • custom made graphics for unique appearance

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  • Social Media & Email Campaigns

Having a great website with exceptional products and services won’t matter if no one knows about it.  That is why marketing is so important.  We offer very simple and easy to use online software that allows you to create effective email campaigns and newsletters that are spam filter friendly.  Customize each campaign by adding your company logo, graphics, and content.  You can import email addresses from your  software’s address book then use that list to distribute your email campaign or send invitations to subscribe to your newsletter.

Tie all this into your Facebook and Twitter initiatives!
If you’re not leveraging the power of social media networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have us help you.

  • spam filter friendly email blasts with subscriber opt-in/out capabilities
  • managing multiple campaigns simultaneously with detailed reporting features
  • easy to use, intuitive management console

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  • SEO Optimization & Google AdWords

There are many websites on the internet offering products and services similar to yours, so its vitally important to optimize your website so that internet search engines can find, index, and categorize your website.  Our consulting services can help you optimize and submit your website to today’s most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft BING.

That is only one piece of the equation needed to drive traffic to your website. We can help you place small, inexpensive online ads around the internet where your target market is already looking via employing a Google AdWords or ‘Pay-per-Click’ campaign.
Without advertising… nothing happens!

  • standardized, periodic submissions to all the most popular search engines
  • reporting tools help manage effectiveness of coverage in target markets
  • augment Search Engine Optimization with companion ‘Pay-per-Click’ advertising

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  • Software Interface Design

The Impressive Impact creative team is able to help software developers create interactive simulations of software applications.  We can augment a software diagram workflow into a graphical interface that can much better illustrate the concept and utility.  This can be especially useful in making software demonstrations that showcase the concept to investors.

  • interactive software interface mock-ups that help illustrate work flows
  • on-screen examples viewable from internet
  • graphics can be prepared for use by software developers

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  • eCommerce Development

Impressive Impact provides basic and deluxe eCommerce solutions complete with customizable shopping carts and secure banking transactions through SSL, Secure Socket Layers.  Our extensive reporting tools allow you to analyze your customer base and revenue.  Even better, these reporting tools integrate with your favorite financial management software.

  • easily customizable templates for adding logos and color scheme
  • multiple product views and shopping cart layouts
  • deluxe options for shipping methods, taxes, promotional discounts, and more…

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